Friday, November 30, 2007

Making Fast Affiliate Commissions With Project Quick Cash

I've just had the pleasure of going through the new Project Quick Cash by Alok Jain that has taken quite a few affiliate marketers by pleasant surprise. Maybe you've heard about the almost 2,000 visitors Jonathan Leger got to a brand new site in less than 3 weeks using these techniques. Or the $13,150 Alok Jain earned for just 2 hours of work, or the $585.50 he earned in one day for 20 minutes of work.

This all came from five specific techniques that even most seasoned marketers hadn't heard about and I almost guarantee you haven't heard of many of them presented this way either (especially the Super Targeting on page 48 and Breaking and Entering technique on page 80). Most take less than an hour to implement, don't require any technical or HTML skills, and all are no or low cost to implement. And better yet, they generate affiliate commissions fast, often in hours or minutes.

It's a real pleasure to see something come out that's different that what you see everywhere else, is well written, and most importantly really works.

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